The Ultimate Fitch & Leedes Pairing Guide for Legendary Cocktails

By Morgan Law

The Ultimate Fitch & Leedes Pairing Guide for Legendary Cocktails

The world is full of possibilities and so is mixology; we believe everyone can be a bartender if they have the right knowledge.

That's why we put together a Pairing Guide to help you mix and match our tonics with your favourites fruit flavours, spices, and spirits!

You can mix much more than gin with our tonics. We looked at the three most popular additions to a cocktail: Fruits, Spices & Herbs, and Spiritsand we paired them with our Premium Tonics

Peruse our list of most popular pairings and let us know if we left out any of your favorite combos in the comments below!

Indian Tonic


Try whiskey or rum with your Indian Tonic for something surprisingly delicious.



Pair a sweet plum with our Indian Tonic to balance out the its zesty flavor. You can add plum to your cocktail in a few ways. You can muddle it, make a plum simple syrup, and add it to the rim of your glass as a garnish! 

Try Plum and our Indian Tonic with our Spiced Plum Gin & Tonic recipe.


Bring out the blueberries and get mixing! Muddle your blueberries, turn them into simple syrup, and add them as garnish. Blueberries and the citrus notes of our Indian Tonic blend beautifully.

Give it a shot with our Blueberry and Mint Tonic recipe.

    Spice & Herbs


    What makes the Indian Tonic so unique is the mixture of spices chosen to honor its origin; India. Therefore, mixing with other spices only brings these characteristics out. Try a sweet cinnamon with our Indian Tonic to highlight these notes.

    Our Spiced Cinnamon and Orange Tonic is a great way to bring cinnamon and Indian Tonic together.

      Grapefruit Tonic


      Try tequila, mezcal, or rum with our Grapefruit Tonic; a perfect paloma awaits you.


      Jalapeños or Chilis

      Yes, peppers are fruit. Bring the heat to your cocktail with either jalapeños or chilis; grapefruit's tart and sweet flavor profile balances out the heat from these fruits.

      Try chilis and grapefruit in our Grapefruit & Chilli Tonic and make your own paloma with jalapeños with our Grapefruit Paloma Tonic recipe.


      Citrus loves citrus and these two fruit are no exception; orange and grapefruit bring out the best in each other. Orange brings sweetness to the tang and sometimes bitterness of the grapefruit.

      Try this pairing yourself with our Sweet Orange Grapefruit Tonic recipe.

        Spice & Herbs


        Fresh thyme is a strong herb that mixes well with citrus fruits, especially grapefruit. Try it in the form of thyme syrup in our Thyme, Cucumber, & Grapefruit tonic recipe.


        Ginger is another multipurpose addition to your cocktail; it adds flavor and flourish to bring your cocktails to the next level. Adding a slice of fresh ginger to your cocktail adds the flavor, of course, but it makes for an attractive garnish as well.

        Try it in our Ginger & Grapefruit Mezcal Tonic cocktail recipe.

        Pink Tonic


        Grab your vodka, cointreau, and Pink Tonic; it's time to celebrate flavor!


        Passion Fruit

        An easy, bright, and beautiful fruit; we strongly recommend giving passion fruit a try. The light rose and cool cucumber flavors from our Pink Tonic elevate the sweet and tart characteristics of the passion fruit.

        Read more about why you should mix with Passion Fruit and try our Pink Passion Fizz recipe.


        Sweet, sweet strawberries! Mixing this bright red fruit with our pink Tonic is another great move. The strawberry naturally sweetens the drink and mixes with the rose and cucumber to provide a well balanced cocktail you'll love.

        Our Pink Strawberry Muddle takes a blended strawberry puree to make something magical. 

        Spice & Herbs


        Mint is a fresh herb that is great to mix with our Pink Tonic. The mint highlights the cucumber flavors and works well with guava in this Pink Guava & Mint cocktail recipe.

        Learn more about mint here, in our blog: 9 Interesting Things About Honey, Lemon, and Mint.

        Get mixing!

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