Why Rose Is The Flavor To Mix With In 2022

By Morgan Law

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Why Rose Is The Flavor To Mix With In 2022

You can consume roses in the form of rose water, rose syrup, and in the case of our Pink Tonic, a Rose and Cucumber flavored mixer. This blog will discuss rose as a flavour, but refer to it as rose water.

The Consumption of Roses

The rose has been around for over 35 million years, and has found its way into the hearts of the world. A most beloved flower and symbol of love; roses can be used for more than planting in gardens and giving as gifts.

The rose is edible and is most often consumed in the form of rose water

How is Rose Water made?

Rose water is made by steeping rose petals in water. This practice has been done for centuries, beginning in Persia (now Iran). As the roses steep, an oil begins to form separating itself from the water. The rose oil is often left in the rose water for a stronger rose flavor or can be removed for something more subtle.

Mixing with Rose

Now, for our favorite subject: Mixology. Adding rose to a cocktail is more than a trend; it's mixology practice you'll never tire of, especially when making your signature spring or summer cocktails in 2022.

The rose's luscious petals and delicate rosebud are the most common parts of the rose that are added to cocktails.

Rose petals

Rose petals aren't just used to make rose water; they make a gorgeous cocktail garnish. They are beautiful in their simplicity but you can get creative with them too.


Whole rosebuds make memorable garnishes as well. Their petite, closed bud foreshadows that something great is about to happen; like the flavors of your cocktail blooming before you.


Rose Flavor Pairings

The Fitch & Leedes Pairing Guide helps you determine which spirits, spices, fruits, and tonics to pair to create endless cocktails.

Rose water pairs beautiful with spices like jasmine, cardamon, and jasmine; fruits and vegetables like lemons, oranges, cranberry, and cucumber; nuts like coconuts and pistachios.

The spirits? Try Hendricks Rose Gin, Willibald Pink Gin, or Dixon's Distillery Wicked Raspberry Gin.

Rose Cocktails

Some of our favourite cocktails featuring rose and our Pink Tonic.

Pink Gin Fizz Twist

This cocktail combines egg, cointreau, rose petals, and our Premium Pink Tonic.

pink gin fizz cocktails

Pink Passion Fizz

Enjoy this Pink Passion Fizz with your choice of vodka or gin. The brightness of flavour in the passion fruit with our balanced rose and cucumber Premium Pink Tonic makes for an unforgettable cocktail.

Pink passion fizz cocktail

Cucumber Cranberry Spritz

Cranberry, lemon, cucumber, and rose. This cocktail highlights the notes of cucumber in our Pink Tonic that gives it its refreshing flavor.

Cucumber cranberry cocktail

Blood Orange G&T

Try this Blood Orange Gin and Tonic; the sweetness from the orange mixes beautifully with the rose in this cocktail.

Blood orange gin and tonic cocktail


Get Mixing

It's time for you to take what you've learned and start experimenting with rose in your next cocktail; offer these fun facts and information about rose at your next party while mixing drinks for your guests to take the experience to the next level. 

Let us know if you have tried any of these recipes below in the comments and tag us in your creations on Instagram (US) or (Canada) and Facebook.

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