Why You Should Add Passion Fruit to Your Cocktail

By Morgan Law

Why Should You Add Passion Fruit to Your Cocktail?

Easy to Access

Cut, scrape, toss. It really is as easy as 1-2-3! Admittedly, passion fruit is not as easy to find in a grocery store as apples & bananas, they are mass produced and technically "in-season" all year round.

Once you get your hands on these flavor bombs, accessing their flavor is simple!

Easy to Mix

No blending necessary when making a cocktail with passion fruit. The pulp is liquid in nature, thus allowing the passion fruit pulp to mix easily with your spirit, juice, and or tonic.

Easy to Clean

What's left when you have removed all the pulp? Just the shell! There are not troublesome cores or seeds that need to be discarded.

Full of Flavor

Passion fruit is sweet and tart and packed with flavor. We know that lovers of Fitch & Leedes tonic are discerning individuals with complex palates, so you want to taste your spirits, your tonic, and so on. With passion fruit, your cocktail needs no more than our tonic, your spirit of choice, and the fruit itself to enjoy a flavorful cocktail.

Mixes with Pink Tonic

You know our tonics bring out the best in most ingredients, but Passion Fruit and our Pink Tonic? It's a match made in heaven.

We might be biased, but it is also one of our most popular recipes so let our Fitch & Leedes fans speak to that.

Pink Passion Fruit Fizz

Pink passion fizz cocktail with pink tonic and passion fruit



      Checkout some of our fans mixing passion fruit with our tonics: 

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